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Our philosophy

At Orthotraum we are never standing still. We always interested in new products, growing yearly by importing and selling them in Ukraine. If you have a commercial proposal don’t hesitate to contact us!


Our Products

Hip Joints

As a distributor of different international companies we propose the best solutions for patients combined with a wide range of products.

Knee Joints

Focused on Medial Pivot Knee implants which shows excellent survivorship and low revision rate, less pain and quicker rehabilitation.


Wide range of traumatology products including plates, screws and nails with innovative design and quality standards.

Sports Injury

Modern solutions for treating joint pain, PCL and ACL reconstruction. All designed and made to restore activity and full function of motion.

Bone Cement

High quality PMMA bone cements with antibiotic gentamicin and and associated accessories for total hip, knee arthroplasty and spinal surgeries.

Medical Devices

Powered surgical instruments for orthopedics surgeries. Saw blades, drills and other different medical tools.

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Our Partners

Orthotraum is a stable and trustable company who provides high service and top products for trauma and orthopaedic surgeries. It a big pleasure to cooperate with it.

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One of the leaders on the market

Orthotraum company is not only high-quality products, but also a full range of professional services and consultations. The result of our work is daily cooperation with leading centers and specialists of Ukraine in the field of orthopedics and traumatology.

Strong Sales Team

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced sales professionals

Cover every region

Surgeons in every Ukrainian region use orthopedics hip & knee products represented by our company

130+ Doctors in 2022

More than 130 Ukrainian surgeons used our products in 2022


  • Orthotraum is a well organized and modern company! My mother had hip problems and was operated with Super Path technique. Fast recovery and no pain. We are both satisficed!

  • My name is Olexander I am 62 years old and I was suffering from knee pain. Doctor recommended me knee implant provided by Orthotraum company. Its medical representative explained everything in details and provided a professional consulting. After more than 3 years after the surgery I have no any pain during walking, doing my job as well as climbing steps. Thank you!

  • I love skiing in the mountains. However, it’s a risky sport and once my arm and PCL were broken. The company brought everything for 2 surgeries very quickly! I’m back in the game!


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